Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Religion and Power

Iran - New Year's 2018

Today thousands have taken to the streets around Iran to protest the conservative theocracy of their country.  I doubt any of them plan to become apostates. I do suspect many of them are tired of living in a theocracy that ignores their wishes and needs while spending billions to hold on to power.

If you look closely, religious leadership is mostly about power; both securing and maintaining power. (This includes Christianity - look at Rome and the conservative religious movement in America.) Iran’s clerics view the essential purpose of the state as the realization of God’s will on Earth. Such an exalted task mandates the assumption of power. Given such ideological inclinations, they are utterly contemptuous of democratic accountability and are unconcerned about their loss of popularity and widespread dissatisfaction with theocratic rule. The legitimacy of state does not rest on the collective will but on a mandate from heaven.